Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

Top 10 Swedish bloggers

Silhouettes of infarction, beautiful eyes and enviable hair come in their genes. Sweden is the birthplace of bloggers and has great successes to his credit. They are stylish and their blogs are different from those of most egobloggers here. They are characterized by a minimalist design, XXL images and photos that go beyond typical shown look from the front. Some are entirely in Swedish, but does matter who? The looks are what they have and today I present my top 10 Swedish bloggers.

10 Felicia Frithiof

In your blog you will find not only looks, but also their favorite beauty products and his photographic works.

9 Nickys

Nicole Falciani is the protagonist of this blog which shows her every day and your favorite of fashion.

8. Angelica Blick

You will fall in you with you her looks sophisticated on par with rockers.

7 Victoria Tornegren

This blonde is one of the bloggers most successful online Lookbook thanks to her looks simple but effective.

6 Ebba Zingmark

Her red hair and her casual looks are great allies to be one of the most followed by the planet.

5 Frida Grahn

He has a passion for clothing and accessories of leather, elegant looks and a pelazo that is the envy of all his followers.

4 Kenzas

This gorgeous model boasts more than half a million followers on Instagram and triumphs on her blog with overall trend looks.

3 Petra Karlsson

Your precious photos are the perfect frame to frame looks sophisticated and glamorous.

2 Carolines Mode

Caroline Blomst perhaps not the most prominent blogger with their simple looks, but still the founder of Stockholm Street Style, how does not give you the silver medal in Swedish blogs?

1 Lisa Olsson

With only 19 years, it takes almost five years dedicated to show us their looks, their favorite interior design and fashion, their beauty tricks his works as a model... And it always anticipates the trends.

Do you already know these blogs? What are your favorite?